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Global Trading and Market Services - Options

Nasdaq offers three options trading platforms to meet different trading needs. All three markets provide a robust product portfolio, price optionality, cost efficiencies and best-in-class technology.

BX Options Info Nasdaq Options Market Info PHLX Options Info

BX Options features the world-renowned low latency technology found on other Nasdaq trading platforms. Geared towards retail order flow, BX Options is inexpensive and easy to use with existing Nasdaq Connectivity options.

Nasdaq BX Options

NOM is an electronic trading platform operating in a price/time priority model. NOM accepts a diverse set of order types for the ultimate flexibility.

The Nasdaq Options Market

Based on a hybrid of electronic and floor based trading, PHLX features a traditional allocation model to handle trades for clients with complex orders and strategies.

Nasdaq PHLX Market

Source: The Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA).
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Call Put Volume

NOM Volume

As of 03/30/2015 16:14 ET

Call Volume:615,860
Put Volume:339,711
Total Volume:955,571

PHLX Volume

As of 3/30/2015

Call Volume:1,151,485
Put Volume:1,079,243
Total Volume:2,230,728