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Nasdaq Data-On-DemandSM is a new cloud computing solution that provides easy and flexible access to a subset of large amounts of high quality and reliable historical Level 1 data for Nasdaq- , NYSE-, OTCBB, Pinksheets and other regional-listed securities.

Historical tick data is becoming increasingly important for research, back-testing of strategies and verification of internal data. However, collecting and storing such large data sets requires substantial infrastructure and resources. Nasdaq Data-on-Demand is designed to eliminate those obstacles by providing a high quality, reliable source of Level 1 data.

Instead of hundreds of firms paying millions of dollars to store the same data and only using tiny slices of it, customers can get the data they want, when they need it, without the extravagant fees. Nasdaq Data-On-Demand provides access to consolidated Best Bid and Best Offer and Last Sale information from the U.S. equity markets and is available T+1. Data can be accessed using an API and is also available in plain text files for easy analysis in Microsoft Excel or other programs.

Data-On-Demand will give customers a way to cherry-pick subsets of data with pinpoint accuracy. Instead of combing through very large sets of historical tick data, users will be able to select very specific data sets and obtain them on-demand for almost instant analysis.

The product is designed to:

  • Lower cost of storing and consuming Level 1 data through easy access and delivery of specific trade and quote information making sure you get only the data you need, when you need it.
  • Facilitate the building of custom front-end applications (such as Nasdaq2019s Market Replay) for integration into your own trading or market data applications.
  • Validate historical data for compliance or legal purposes without the commitment and technology of having to store and retrieve large data sets locally.
  • Provide the ability to easily automate the back-testing of trading algorithms.
  • Efficiently improve access to high-quality and extremely reliable source of historical Level 1 data.
  • Acts as an outsourced, back-up solution for Level 1 data, significantly reducing costs for storing this information internally.
  • Simplify bulk data and growth impediments to data infrastructure while increasing technical transparency for current customers.

See the Waters Technology Interview with Data-On-Demand stakeholders.

Instant Online Access

Nasdaq Data-On-Demand is a web-based application that expands access to users by allowing data to be purchased online by both individual and professional traders. Data will be available in plain text files for easy analysis in Microsoft Excel or other programs.

For more information, please contact your Nasdaq Global Data Products Representative or call +1 301 978 5307.

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