Compliance Alerts

Alert Types

Customers can take advantage of any of the three SEC trading regulation compliance checks that Nasdaq offers. The below compliance checks are all available via individual subscriptions within the Compliance Dashboard (see below):

Trade-Through Alert (Reg NMS) Short Sale Monitor (Reg SHO Rule 201) Limit Locator (Limit Up/Limit Down Rule)

Alerts of potential trade-through trades reported to the FINRA Trade Reporting Facility (TRF) operated in partnership with FINRA/Nasdaq TRF in accordance with Reg NMS. Users will be notified if their price of execution was above the best offer or below the best bid within the 3 second time and sales window that the application scans.

    Alerts Available:
  • Below Bid
  • Above Offer

Rule Filing

Alerts of potential short-sale trades reported to the FINRA/Nasdaq TRF of symbols on the Short Sale Circuit Breaker List in accordance with the SEC Alternative Uptick Rule (alerts also available for exchange trades at an additional cost). This subscription also provides access to the Short Sale Circuit Breaker Symbol List which displays all symbols currently on the Short Sale Exempt List (includes up to 30 days of history).

    Alerts Available:
  • Not Exempt
  • On Uptick
  • Exempt
  • Exempt - Not on List

Rule Filing

Alerts for trades entered into the FINRA/Nasdaq TRF that are at and outside of the set Limit Up/Limit Down price bands for a given symbol in accordance with the Limit Up/Limit Down Rule. This subscriptions also gives firms access to the Band Lookup tool that allows a user to search for a symbol's upper and lower price bands (includes up to 30 days of history).

    Alerts Available:
  • At Lower Band
  • Outside Lower Band
  • At Upper Band
  • Outside Upper Band

Rule Filing

Compliance Dashboard

The Nasdaq Compliance Dashboard is our new, real-time, web based application that provides users with access to alerts for the above-mentioned SEC trading regulations. This application combines the 3 current compliance offerings (Trade-Through Alert, Short Sale Monitor & Limit Locator) into a single-access dashboard. To access, a user must have a subscription to either the Nasdaq or Nasdaq ACT Workstation.

One Dashboard. All Of Your Alerts.

Get real-time populated alerts with enhanced features & functions:

  • Customized e-mail alerts
  • Advanced search and filter capabilities
  • Up to 30 days of alerts history
  • Multiple MPID monitoring and exporting

Trade Details + Time & Sales

View the details of your trade by clicking on the control # or match ID. Trade details are available in T+1. Get Time & Sales orders and execution information for the 1 second before and 2 seconds after your trade.

Short Sale Exempt List

View real-time stocks on the Short Sale Circuit Breaker list. Search for 30 days of list history. Clicking on a symbol will populate all alerts (if any) in that stock symbol in the alerts table. Export the list for your own records. This feature is only available for Short Sale Monitor Subscribers.

Band Lookup

Look up lower and upper price bands for the Limit-Up/Limit-Down rule. Using this tool, you can search for any symbol during a given day. You can also define a time range during the day and search for 30 days of historical price bands. This feature is only available to Limit Locator subscribers.


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