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Agreements - For Data Feed Recipients

All agreements and forms are administered by Nasdaq. Please EMAIL (preferred), fax or mail the completed agreements to
Nasdaq Global Information Services:

Nasdaq, Inc.
Nasdaq Global Information Services
Four Irvington Centre
805 King Farm Boulevard
Rockville, MD 20850

Phone: +1 301 978 5307
Fax: +1 301 978 5295

Please allow up to two weeks for initial review of your application.


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End User Subscriber Agreements - External Distributors Only

Firms that distribute real-time Nasdaq data via controlled display devices must administer a Nasdaq Global Subscriber Agreement or equivalent to each end-user subscriber firm or individual. This end-user agreement is to be provided directly to the end user by the market data distributor, not by Nasdaq. Firms have four options for administering the Nasdaq Global Subscriber Agreement:

  1. Distributor Indemnification
  2. Hard Copy Subscriber Agreement
  3. Incorporation by Reference
  4. On-line Subscriber Agreement

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