Monthly Issue Summary

Data Fields and Definitions

Field Name Definition
Symbol Identifier for the security.
Issue_Name Name of the issuer of the security and the security type.

Market category assigned to the security based on NASDAQ® Listing Requirements.

Q - NASDAQ Global Select MarketSM
G - NASDAQ Global MarketSM
S - NASDAQ Capital MarketSM
Total_Vol The Total Volume value represents Entered Volume, i.e., the actual number of shares that were transacted, without rounding.

Regulation ATS

On August 23, 1999, alternative trading systems (ATS) must be in compliance with Rule 301(b)(3) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Rule 301(b)(3) requires an alternative trading system to provide to a national securities exchange or national securities association, for inclusion in the public quotation system, the prices and sizes of its best priced buy and sell orders, that are displayed to more than one person, in each covered security in which the alternative trading system represents 5% or more of the total trading volume.1

To assist ATS in determining whether they represent 5% or more of the total trading volume in NASDAQ securities, this Web site will provide total monthly share volume data for NASDAQ securities in a pipe-delimited ( | ) ASCII text file format on a monthly basis. The volume information in this file are the "denominators" to be used in determining the percentage that the ATS represents in each security. For additional information on how ATS should calculate the "numerators" (ATS individual volumes), please refer to NASD® Notice to Members 99-34.

1 CFR 242.301 (b)(3)

Additional Information