Monday, July 8, 2024

UTP Vendor Alert #2024 - 11
Bandwidth Recommendations for the UTP SIP Services

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  • The UTP SIP would like to provide bandwidth recommendations for UTP data services. These recommendations remain unchanged from previous announced recommendations.
  • On June 15, 2024, the recently completed capacity testing confirms the UTP SIP bandwidth recommendation of 2.4 Gbps; note that this is the recommended bandwidth for subscribers who wish to maintain adequate bandwidth to accommodate the systems maximum burst capability.
  • As you may be aware the UTP committee requires the SIP to publish to the street what the system is able to accommodate as its bandwidth recommendations in order to accommodate bursts of traffic.
  • This recommendation does not reflect actual historical peak burst rates. Please refer to the UTP Plan Quarterly Metrics for more historical statistics related to actual peak message rates achieved.

What are the bandwidth recommendations for the UTP SIP data services?

As a result of the annual capacity testing, conducted June 15, 2024, the UTP SIP bandwidth recommendations are as follows for subscribers who wish to maintain adequate bandwidth to accommodate the system’s maximum burst capability.

Data Service New York "A" New York "B" Chicago "A" Chicago "B"
UQDF Binary 2.4 Gb 2.4 Gb 2.4 Gb 2.4 Gb
UTDF Binary 2.4 Gb 2.4 Gb 2.4 Gb 2.4 Gb

What have the historical bandwidth utilization rates been since January 2020?

To provide subscribers additional data to make an informed decision on how to allocate bandwidth for their business needs, the following table reflects the historical peak 1 second bandwidth utilizations, reflected in Gigagabits.

Data Service Max of UQDF Peak 1 sec Message Rate (MPS) Max of UQDF Peak 1 sec Bit Rate (Gbps) Max of UTDF Peak 1 sec Message Rate (MPS) Max of UTDF Peak 1 sec Bit Rate (Gbps)
2024 403,572 0.219 119,536 0.076
Qtr1 403,572 0.219 119,536 0.076
Qtr2 443,979 0.242 161,569 0.103
Historical Peak Utilization 617,016 MPS
(December 2014)
0.343 Gbps 442,593 MPS
(January 2021)
0.309 Gbps

Please note that the traffic projections above are for one stream only. For fault tolerance purposes, UTP SIP disseminates 4 streams of data. two out of each data center. For those Multicast Data Subscribers who elect to receive multiple streams of data, the bandwidth requirements would need to be adjusted accordingly.

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