Take Charge of Compliance with RegRecon

RegRecon Overview

Reg Recon is a real-time, web-based surveillance alert and report tool that assists firms with compliance. Reg Recon has one main components:

  • Reg NMS Module– Real-time warning of potential trade-through trades.

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To access Reg Recon you must subscribe to a Nasdaq Workstation, or Weblink ACT 3.0.

Features and Functionality

Reg NMS Module:
  • Real-time warning of potential trade-through trades.
  • Time and Sales details showing which protected quotes were traded through.
  • Ability to download and print five days of historical data.
  • ACT trade detail viewer
  • The user/port that entered the trade(s) and how their entries compare to total potential trade-throughs for the firm.
  • Potential trade-throughs that were marked as ISO or with the Trade Through Exempt flag.
  • Reg Recon conducts continuous replay of the trading day that compares the FINRA/Nasdaq TRF trades against the SIP NBBOs, highlighting any adds/deletes that resulted from data or reporting latencies.
  • The replay is displayed in the “Update” column.
  • Record of Nasdaq Self Help declarations and revocations.
  • Above the offer and below the bid stat
  • Odd-Lot filter allows firms to view non odd-lot or odd-lot trades

Rule Summary

For SEC FAQs concerning rules 610 and 611, view the Responses to FAQs Concerning Reg NMS page.

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