New 1G Ultra Client Connectivity

NASDAQ OMX is pleased to announce the launch of our new 1G Ultra Client Connectivity option! This new connectivity option further expands the suite of connectivity options available in the NASDAQ OMX Data Center to meet the different trading needs of our customers.

Our new 1G Ultra offering is expected to be an average of nine microseconds faster (roundtrip) than the current 1G connection!

Customers may begin placing orders for 1G Ultra via the CoLo Console now.

For more information about this new connectivity offering please contact Doug Aragones at +1 212 231 5189.

Wireless Express Connect- Secaucus Route is Now Live!

Wireless Express Connect is a true point-to-point connection linking customers in the NASDAQ OMX Data Center to New York metro trading hubs. Utilizing innovative wireless network technology, Wireless Express Connect provides secure, dedicated bandwidth (50Mb) on ultra-low latency millimeter networks that is up to 40% faster than any other fiber-based network.

Place your orders today for these services using the CoLo Console and get a free 30-day trial.

For more information, contact Doug Aragones at +1 212 231 5189 or Rich Mitterando at +1 212 401 8788.

Unmatched Speed - Added Convenience

NASDAQ OMX offers all customers the opportunity to co-locate their servers and equipment within the NASDAQ OMX Data Center, providing proximity to the speed and liquidity of all of our U.S. markets.

Through co-location (CoLo), participants are able to reduce latency and network complexity by utilizing high density cabinets and a single hand-off for all NASDAQ OMX markets. We offer a wide variety of connectivity options and market data to fit your firm's specific network and trading strategy needs.


  • NASDAQ OMX, in conjunction with CME Group, is proud to announce the availability of a new wireless connectivity offering providing a direct, low-latency microwave route between Carteret, NJ, and Aurora, IL, for delivery of select NASDAQ and CME data up to 36% faster!


  • Connect to all NASDAQ OMX markets and receive all NASDAQ OMX and outside exchange data feeds.
  • Reduce round-trip latency by an average of two to five microseconds.
  • Need the speed but not the bandwidth? Our new 10G ULTRA option provides the same latency.


  • Highly secure data center that provides redundant power with generator backup, efficient cooling and fire detection/suppression.
  • Many Telecommunications carriers are available, providing subscribers with an opportunity to establish diverse connectivity to and from the facility at competitive prices.


  • High-Speed 10G Ethernet Network, round trip order-to-ack and market data order-to-tick latency is sub-50 microseconds.
  • Subscribers can establish connections with more than 100 leading financial firms located in our facility.


  • We offer a range of cabinets from low density starting at 2.88 KW to Super Cab, capable of handling up to 17.3 KW.
  • Customers can also choose from several connectivity options, including the high-speed 40G Network, and multiple Telco providers.

Wireless Connectivity



Low Latency Connectivity

Wireless Express Connect

Contact Information

  • To schedule a tour of our facility, request rates, or for additional information, contact Doug Aragones at +1 212 231 5189