Nasdaq UltraFeed

Delivering consolidated U.S. exchange data in a normalized format

Now offering Nasdaq Fixed Income U.S. Treasury data!


Nasdaq now offers UltraFeed, a highly-efficient data feed that aggregates North American equity, options, futures, indexes and fund market data in a normalized message format. UltraFeed delivers market data in a cost efficient manner to downstream data feed clients.

Benefits and Features

  • Access the full scope of data elements offered by the U.S. exchanges and index providers.
  • Save on development costs by processing a single data feed, rather than disparate direct data feeds from multiple exchanges.
  • Save on network costs because the normalized messages are more bandwidth efficient, due to the use of binary formats and locate codes, than most direct exchange data feeds.
  • Save on access fees for Nasdaq, UTP, CTA and other exchanges by taking the data via a normalized data product.

Supported Exchanges/ Entitlements

Currently, Nasdaq UltraFeed supports data content from the following Exchanges and index providers:


Nasdaq will also look to add exchange content as client demand dictates.

Access Options

Nasdaq offers UltraFeed in the MoldUDP protocol option from its New York metro data center facilities. Firms may connect to UltraFeed via the direct connectivity provider program (DCP), co-location facility or authorized extranet providers.


UltraFeed pricing varies based on the data content and delivery needs of each client. To discuss your firm's needs, please contact Nasdaq Global Information Services at +1 301 978 5307 or +45 33 93 33 66.